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About us

Meet The Team

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Proud Dad and Legacy and Performance Expert

Mark Hopkins

Mark is a dad of a teenager. He has lived on three continents and had a successful corporate and entrepreneurial career. He has also coached at a World Cup and Commonwealth Games, and yet his greatest achievement is to be an attentive dad who learns from his mistakes and shows his son how to be present, considerate and attentive. He is passionate about helping other parents be the very best version of themselves. 

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Proud Dad, Husband and Executive Coach and Performance Consultant

Ash Garratt

Ash's passion for life comes from his kids, his marriage and his career. He has an incredible skill of giving all three the very best of him. He brings this expertise to Snappy Parent. He spent 7+ years in elite team sports, 15+ years leading commercial teams in some of the biggest brands and businesses on the planet and most recently 8+ years as an Executive Coach and performance consultant, working with brands like Nike and Gymshark. 


This is what most parents are frustrated by...


- You have bought parenting books, listened to podcasts and watched videos. 

- But you still struggle to implement all the ways you have been taught. 

- Why? Because the books, podcasts and videos don't recognise that you have had a tough day at work, are exhausted and stressed and just want to lie in the bath with a glass of wine! 

- You have put the cart before the horse!!

This is why Snappy Parent is the only parenting support that puts the horse before the cart!

- We take the stress away from you so that you have the patience and energy to put into practice all the parenting tips you have. 

- We give you the patience to come home from a stressful day, build a stronger, more positive relationship with your child, and create a home environment that fosters growth, happiness and well-being. 


We give you the clear head to parent your children how you promised yourself you would

Parenting after a two-week beach holiday when you are refreshed, full of energy and relaxed is much easier than on a Wednesday evening in the middle of winter after an 8-hour shift with deadlines, non-stop meetings and being pulled from pillar to post.


We get it and have been there. However, parenting can be exactly whatever you want it to be, 365 days a year.


All you need is energy, patience and a clear head. We are no longer the stressed parent, the busy parent, or the impatient parents we used to be.


We are far from perfect parents, but we are no longer snapping or yelling parents. We are the guiding parents we wanted to be. We are the parents whose children feel safe and secure 100% of the time. We are the parents who have the time, energy and self-awareness to give our kids exactly what they need - the best version of us.  


Group therapy

What makes us different?

There are 1000s of so-called parenting experts out there - we don't call ourselves parenting experts.

We are focused on your the person, not you the parent. We won't tell you how to deal with temper tantrums or how to get your children to eat their vegetables. That is the cart. We are the horse!

We will ensure you are in the right frame of mind the moment you go from you the employer or employee or wife or husband to you the mum or dad.

To have the patience and clear head to be able to implement whatever techniques you want to be. To never feel like a failing parent. 

We are not parent experts but PATIENCE EXPERTS!!

How would you like to have the energy, patience, calmness and control to be the very best parent you can be every single day. All it takes is an investment of $1 a day to make a massive difference in your life and your home.
Mother and Son

Our Story

As I sat at my desk, my mind a whirlwind of stress and exhaustion, my son came to me, seeking my attention. In that moment, I snapped at him - my words harsh and unforgiving. The look on his face was one of fear and uncertainty, and my heart sank as I realized the impact of my outburst.

Days passed, and my actions weighed heavily on my heart. I knew I needed to make amends with my son, ask for his forgiveness, and understand the depth of the pain I had caused him.

With a heavy heart and a sense of remorse, I sat down with my son and apologized for my behaviour. I asked him how he felt when I snapped at him, and the weight of his response hit me like a ton of bricks.

He told me that in that moment, he felt scared, unsafe, unloved, and alone. It was as if the ground had been pulled from beneath him, and all he wanted to do was run away.

As I listened to my son's words, I made a vow to myself - to never snap at him again and to help other parents realize the impact of their actions on their children. I understood that in times of stress and exhaustion, it's easy to lose our patience and take it out on those we love the most. But I also knew that it was our responsibility as parents to recognize the impact of our actions and to guide our children with love, patience, and kindness.

From that day forward, five years ago, I made a conscious effort to be more present with my son, to listen to his needs, and to recognize the weight of my words. And as I worked to heal our relationship, I also made it my mission to help other parents avoid the pain and regret that I had experienced - to guide them towards a more positive, loving, and nurturing relationship with their children.

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Imagine being the amazing parent you've always wanted to be - the one who can handle any situation with grace and ease. That's what we offer at Snappy Parent. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to become the best parent you can be, without the guilt and regret that comes from losing your temper.

Avoid the parental guilt with Snappy Parent

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Author of Four Books, Including A Book For My Son To Ensure I Will Always Be With Him No Matter What

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