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No more snapping at your kids or partner, no more stress or screaming, just a home full of laughter, love and happiness.

Your kids do something that just triggers you and you snap. You lose control for that split second. You then see their faces and then the guilt hits you.


What have you done?


It is not their fault you have had a tough day but they have felt the brunt of your frustration. And the guilt just stays with. You feel horrible. 

Family Meal

What is the Snappy Parent?

A commitment you are making to yourself and your family to snap less and smile more! 


Daily Activities Straight to Your Phone

Every day receive a simple but effective activity that helps you to stop snapping in all aspects of your life. Each day has its own specific theme with each activity completing the next. The activities and themes are based on proven strategies to bring more calmness into your life and home. 


Weekly Snappy Parent Podcast Direct to the Community

Every Friday you will receive practical tips to maximise all aspects of your life that will benefit your relationship with your self, health, wealth, others and time. Using these insights the community discussion helps so many parents snap less, and be the parent and partner they have always wanted to be.


Fortnightly Sessions with Mark

Every fortnight Mark hosts a live session where not only do you get to know your fellow parents but also get to share your specific questions with him. He will also share a theme for you to apply over the next couple of weeks that will bring even more calm and control into your life and home.

All this for just $1 a day

Snap less, smile more

Destress your life: stop snapping at your kids and be happier as a parent!

Family Time

You want a home where there is no shouting, no stress and your kids listen to you

You pick the kids up from school and have an amazing trip home. The kids share stories from school; there is giggling and laughing. You get home, and they put their dirty clothes away, have a snack and get down to homework. You have an hour to finish your work before you start dinner. The kids go and play outside and then come and help you lay the table. Your partner is home, and the house is full of laughter, happiness and love.


Sounds like a dream?


Well, for parents in the Snappy Parent community, this becomes their norm!

Snap much? Don't feel bad, I have been there too. We have built a community of parents who want to stop snapping at their kids because they know it hurts them and their relationships.


By joining the Snappy Parent Project you will get daily activities that help you remain calm and in control, even in the most stressful situation. You will also connect with other parents who are juggling busy and stressful lives but want the absolute best for their kids.

David P. France

Since being in the Snappy Parent group I immediately noticed a difference at home. I don't actually have to jump into the group everyday, its very helpful, but being in the membership and having access to Mark brings everything to the front of my mind. It's like I have an alertness to being snappy, and I never had that before.

It's really worth its weight in gold for any parent."

Jane C. U.K. 

"My 10 year-old recently came up to me and asked me if I was alright. I asked, why? He said because you are so calm and normally you are really stressed. Thank you to Mark for bringing peace and calm into my life and home. Being part of the community has had such an impact that a 10 year-old has noticed the changes in a couple of weeks"

Tracy V. South Africa

"I didn't know how to separate the work Tracy from the mum Tracy and my kids bore the brunt of it. After a few weeks with Snappy Parent we laugh more and I smile a lot more. The arguments between my and the kids and me and my husband have completely reduced. We spend more quality time together. This has changed our family. Thanks Mark." 

Join Snappy Parent Today

$1 a day gets you snapping less and smiling more

Before you join, can we chat first, please? It's so easy for a website to ask for your cash, but at Snappy Parent, we don't do it that way. This has to be right for you. And I want to make sure we can deliver what is required for you and your family.

Your Daily Themes

Every day you will receive a story, thought and an activity that will stop you from snapping at your kids. These activities take a maximum of 5 minutes and you can do them within your current routine. They will help you increase your awareness, helping you stop yourself from snapping and having better relationships with everyone in your life!

Family at Airport Gate


Gain more control when your blood boils

Family at a Beach


Open your mind and heart to new opportunities

Father and Son Reading a Book


Start feeling more positive in all aspects of your life

Praticing Flute


Learn how to see both sides to every situation

Donation Center


Bring more love and happiness into our lives

Family Fishing


A time to recap and see the positive changes

Imagine if your life was like this ...

  • Your life back in control

  • More laughter than you have ever had

  • That holiday feeling at home and work

  • Opportunities appearing as if by magic

  • A better relationship with your partner and kids

  • Fewer arguments at home

  • More time to do the things that are important to you

Don't chase away your kids' childhood by snapping. Find the calm, happy parent inside yourself rather than the snappy one.

My name is Mark Hopkins

Hi, I'm Mark, a dad to an amazing son.

I created the Snappy Parent Project because I understand how hard it can be to raise kids while juggling everything else in your life. 

By using my activities, you will feel calmer and in control.


There is no need to read long articles or buy expensive parenting books when you have everything you need right here.


Contribute to our research

We are asking their parents about the impact of snapping on all aspects of their lives! We would love to hear your views

Mark has been here ...

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